the perfect encounter

I was twelve when I saw my mother for the first time in a market. “There’s your mother,” my father said and turned away. But I did not turn away. I told myself that I didn’t care that she was not perfect.


About 42 words inspired by yeah write #183


10 thoughts on “the perfect encounter

  1. I think I’m interpreting something else here (but that may be a reflection of my own biases). I’m reading that although “I told myself I didn’t care. . .” the truth is you DID care. I read that there’s hurt between the lines that hasn’t yet been forgiven.

  2. I wonder what point the father was trying to make – pointing out the mother then turning away. At least his child has been raised to not to judge and will be a better person for it. I am enticed by your story and intrigued – why is the child with the father, what did the mother do?, and so on.

  3. That last line really captures the struggle children feel when they want to love and admire their parent even though the parent has done something egregious. Heartbreaking.

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