Come in through the double-doors.

A porch full of moonlight, two fingers
of Jack Daniel’s and an empty chair
awaits you.

You can say a prayer before
we negotiate over chemo
hours. Then you promise

to fit my eulogy in volume 5, Thursday.


Above 42 words inspired by Yeah Write #181.


28 thoughts on “bargain

  1. I’ve never written for the gargleblaster before but I love the concept of 42 words (reminds me of Trifecta) I tried to find a link and where to post, but when I get to Yeah Write I only see links to The Speakeasy, Moonshine, and nonfiction grids. Where do you post this if you decide to? BTW I love this write and I think you should post!

    1. Grace, this grid will open on Wednesday and there will be a linky to take you where you will need to add your link to 42 words in response to the question. You can read the guidelines on their kick off page. If you click on the link I have in my post, it will take you there. The grid will be open for 24 hours and since it is moderated (meaning only the entries that are chosen by the editors) will make it to the actual voting grid. If you have any more questions, please let me know 🙂
      Thanks for liking!

      1. So the sentence prompt comes out on Sunday and you can post it to your own blog anytime after Sunday to still be eligible for the moderation link on Wednesday? I’m sorry to be such a pain.

      2. oh dear, no worries! Yes it comes out on Sunday and like you said, the entry should be posted on your blog after that. You can then add it to the grid when it opens on Wednesday. So have two days to think over and post the best response that comes to your mind. If you like, you can subscribe to their weekly email – it has the prompt and relevant information.

      3. Thanks a bunch1! I just subscribed. I don’t know why but I guess it just seemed a bit confusing. Thanks for clarifying. Looking forward to reading more of your writes!

  2. I hate when I comment after everyone else because then my thoughts seem like they echo the others. This was clever and haunting! And sooooo sad! Interesting way to work in the question to boot!!!

  3. This is lovely! I’m with Kymm. Nothing says “we have to talk about something serious” like two fingers of JD and an empty chair.

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