so much sky

His diaper-cushioned bottom wobbles

on sand, while his mother lounges in

a forecast that says rain. Dad surfs on

foamy waves as the baby grabs a

a ruby-colored slipper. He stares up,

squinting and wondering, how can one eat

so much sky?



16 thoughts on “so much sky

  1. Wonderfully dream-like. I love “mother lounges in/a forecast that says rain” and that ruby-colored slipper. Super.

  2. This is adorable – I love it! What a great little scene you painted. I love the details you drop in. Really nicely done. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Wonderful use of detail (diaper-cushioned wobble, mum lounging) that gives a clear picture of the scene. I’m left wondering if he’s sucking on that slipper as he looks up at the sky.

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