voices ascending like death

in slow motion, mix with my scotch

I sign below perforated lines

where your name used to be

piled newspapers, stacked casseroles

strangers pat my shoulders

time grows weary of passing

as I follow your fading smell.



Above 42 for Yeah Write Gargleblaster #176 – Top row seven


16 thoughts on “convoy

  1. Very deft word-painting of the story. I love this powerful opener, “voices ascending like death/in slow motion.”

  2. Very powerful. The lines ‘where your name used to be’ and ‘as I follow your fading smell’ say so much. Really like the way you portray the pain of loss.

  3. Agree with Suzanne. You’ve captured loss so well. It’s almost an out-of-body experience with so much buzzing around you, and you’re just going through motions. Well done.

  4. This felt to me like one of those speeded-up videos where the person in the center stands still but everything around her/him zooms past. I’m going back to read it again to see why it came across to me that way.

  5. Wow. A stark, perhaps numbed picture of loss. The casserole dishes and papers are such evocative images. (Also want to add that I love your blog design — so crisp, like your writing.)

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