In the forest of your dark hair, I am
a firefly that moves across the stems
of raven threads, smelling the rose
shampoo in your roots. In the deep,
blue lake of your eyes, I am an exotic
sailboat moving from coast to coast.
Under fertile land of your skin, I am
the harbinger of a carefree summer.
In the furnace of your heart, I am the
phoenix rising from the ashes of lost love.
In the stadium of your mind, I am
the best player and the cutest cheer leader.


One thought on “soul

  1. This poem is a moving melange of images (animal, sensual, and otherwise), with a sonnet-like musicality and rhythm to it. The conclusive couplet was very unexpected, too — it really turned the seriousness and sensations playfully on their ear (and tweaked it, in that way that lovers sometimes do). So many excellent metaphors to feast on: “fertile land of your skin” and “furnace of your heart” for just two. Excellent love poem, in my view!

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