Is there something on the road?

I came up with a song on my own – a bit of a poem, a lot of prose, sticking and falling out of guitar strings and tapping feet.


Is there something on the road?

Is there something on the road?
A forgotten doll or a tuft of gilded grass?
A kerchief with lipsticks stains and fake stars?
A dead rose or its thorn where a finger was scarred?
A crushed red candy or shards in my heart?

Is there something on the road?
A letter with no stamp or a map to the nearest inn?
A flock of dry leaves or a stack of unpaid bills?
A new prescription bottle with her fingerprints?
A single slipper or a box of postcards and a wedding ring?

Is there something on the road?
Rows of marching ants or skins of crossing squirrels?
An abandoned bicycle or a trash bin spilling love letters?
An earring of the moon or a sparkling feather?
A newspaper too wet or a world ready to shatter?

Everything is on the road; you just have to look harder.
The stacks of time that linger in your mailbox;
The fragrance that follows the wind and gets lost;
The sky that lowers to kiss the earth and stays as frost;
The footprints that approach you or simply stop.

Is there something on the road? Tell me now, what is it that you see?


Above in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: to the tune of ..


15 thoughts on “Is there something on the road?

  1. Exceptionally emotive and well crafted.

    On a more pragmatic note i see so many struggling to survive on the road. It is their home, work place, eatery and leisure under a scorching sun and hot humid nights.

    1. It is great to see you here, YS! I agree with you – maybe someday I can write about that, thank you for bringing that to my attention. It is indeed, a very tough life.

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