Employee of the month

She woke up giddy with half a pulse. Something quick and lethal was headed her way. Trees mocked with occasional bursts of wind; bees stirred lazily in their hive and birds over transmission lines focused on infinity – chewing the horizon with every heartbeat. A solitary traffic light in her part of woods flickered between red and yellow, never green. And when she accidentally landed over a dead rat, her scream echoed over the fields – snaked underground – through the water hoses and struck his broad shoulders. He hunched to catch it.

Until her voice touched him, he had no idea where to look for his treasure.

Like a knife piercing every sound, he moved – counting the virgin souls he’d gather just by claiming hers. He knew other death-eaters didn’t stand a chance. He was going to be the employee of the month.


Word count: 120

Above inspired by Studio30 prompt this week: quick and lethal from Tara Robert’s wonderful entry: Lightning Flash


4 thoughts on “Employee of the month

  1. she’s ready for him and he’s coming. I wonder who takes the “win” in that situation. This was scary and unsettling in all the best ways. I really loved all the descriptions, they were so well written.
    thanks for linking up with us.

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