Nature’s weapon: beauty and the beast

“Eighteen, Black jack!” the hollow voices of casino, tickled my skull. As I collected the chips from another winning, my sight momentarily went over heads – brunettes, blondes, red-heads – all looking the same – role-playing with unnecessary laughter and same jokes circulating in their heads and I was wasted among them. I suddenly felt uneasy, weary – wanting to run past all the tables and rolling dice; waitresses with fake eyelashes and women with scarlet lips and undersized dresses hiding their scars and claustrophobia. I got up in an unknown haste carrying the luring voices with me; blacked out in the blinding lights of the city, with an urgency to step out and jump from somewhere high – to a place with seeds, to an heirloom of curiosities, to a space open with necessary surprises and an abundance of nothing.

 photo River_zps5b7476e4.jpg
Image Credit: DJMatticus

A mile away from my favorite casino and city, I decided to change my life. I decided to begin something I have wanted to do all along. The next day, I started my journey. On foot.

It was incredibly intimidating, the breathtaking view after hiking for two straight days. The timberline rooted in stream formed a needle on the dial for a different course. The unhurried sun on the blue glass sizzled its heat in the underlying cold waves. I paused to gather nature’s waist in my eyes – a magnifying gratification – nothing could ever beat that except falling in love or having kids someday.

The water moved over the rocks, inviting me to touch its glossy surface. The grass fluttered as a maiden’s scarf, knitted with stories of past, of love, embraces and unwanted withdrawals, of limerick and incomplete prose waiting for a breeze to tie the scattered words with proper punctuation. I breathed at my pace, for the first time. My feet hurt, my hands pulled ache from every cell and my back broke and mended itself several times, but I kept moving, I kept walking forward scattering my freedom and scent all around.

Far, far away, somewhere on the path, a den of wolves waited. Unaware, I kept moving in their direction.


Above in response to Moi’s picture challenge


3 thoughts on “Nature’s weapon: beauty and the beast

  1. From the descriptions of the waitresses and their undersized dresses (love it!) to the fierce physicality and drive through nature, this is a mesmerising piece. I want this “scattered freedom”. And great ending, a harsh reality to come.

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