descending colors

 photo park_zpse7952f1e.jpg
credit to – Indy Kethdy

Orange. Burnt. Brown. Shriveled. And exquisite. It is that time of the year when a bright sun sparkles the gold in fallen leaves and bids farewell before the ambience turns grey. Everything is evolving – the wind, the skies and the trees. The shake of nature spills in plants, half-decayed flowers and bronze-colored grass like jewels on a slim mannequin whispering to the thin air around. I see the lukewarm light bouncing on rooftops; flowing to the glass windows and making its way through the curtains; forming sleek rectangles on my living room floor sending a divine message. Life is unfolding.

Outside, I watch the sky – a million sequins of light stay stitched on the perfumed blue. The jet streams begin with a thick, distinct set of clouds and trail into infinity as if defining our lives progressing on the fabric of time. Nothing begins or ends – nature recycles constantly with the mantra of impermanence knitted into every molecule of its offshoot. Somewhere beneath my thoughts, dusk tip-toes in far-flung ken. In a few minutes, the sky transforms again and the night starts its shift transporting the departed souls to another mysterious realm. I gather the leaves in my eyes and inhale their spicy scent as they await their departure. Transformation begins.

The sentiment of leaves I leave behind echo with our existence. We enter this world alone; we die alone and in between, we become a part of a tree. A tree of relationships, love, loss, beauty and decay. The trajectory of life takes us from inexperience to wisdom – from upright,green saplings to frail, rust colored petals. The petals fall to nourish the earth and while they exit, they color it with all their might. They know that tomorrow will be different without them yet spectacular and unique as today – no matter who takes their place. They stand true and beautiful in death as they had, when alive. Seasons change. Life goes on and they let go.

I draw in the lesson; fill my eyes with their flickering yet majestic presence and say goodbye under my breath. Transcendence brews.


Above in response to Moi’s picture challenge


15 thoughts on “descending colors

  1. wah. what a great post. i love your metaphors, using leaves and trees.

    this post reminds me a bit of one particular chapter in Abraham Varghese’s “Cutting for Stone.” Have you read it? If not, I highly recommend it.

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