redolence of the departed

sweet sweat mixed with the scarlet dawn,

the hairs upright and breathing on skin,

evanescent lilies from opened shade on your side,

musky breath under a wrecked smile,

bouquet of jasmine since past year on the night stand,

unread ink on the xanthous pages of Rumi,

the fading feet lotion in the creased sheet,

pillow with washed stains of herbal oil,

my lonely fate uncurled in your imaginary palm,

stench of love on shirts in our closet,

discolored skin exposed under the wedding ring,

the iron keeps heating to shut down,

a waiting espresso machine,

two dinner plates crooning to fill,

medication standing still.

I smell your ashes and they are devoid

yet I reconstruct you

for a light squeeze of togetherness.


Above in response to Daily Prompt: Smell


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