Recently, while taking a long road trip across mid western United states, I came upon many a small towns. Embedded deep in the plains with a stretch of vast fields and occasional two-story buildings, I saw the rare inhabitants of open surroundings. Curbed in accessibility and resources but abundant in fresh air, endless sky and time, I wondered every time, my car slowed down to a mere thirty-five mph, crossing their ancestral, fertile pastures. Old equipments, repaired shingles, painted barns and broken fences scripted their lifestyle over the uninterrupted breeze. Do they ever miss the sparkling complexity of a modern life?  I inquired. Or is it me who is marveling at their simplicity?

If only my life was devoid of gadgets. If only I could be so busy taking care of farms and animals, that every night would consume me in its lap of deep and peaceful slumber. If only I had no time to wonder because I’d have to make my ends meet. If only my mind was not scheming and planning to be politically correct all the time but having the conviction to see and say things as they are. If only sitting on a broken, plastic chair on a moon lit night after dinner was the perfect relaxation. If only I could walk up to the surrounding houses any time of the day and break down with my fears to another homebody rather than posting on Facebook and waiting for someone to respond with a fake assurance. If only, I was not lost in cyber space but tied to every iota of life in my neighborhood. If only, I could hand a fertile piece of land to my children and trust that they would remain as unadulterated as I have been. If only I picked up what I needed versus not all that I wanted.

I think, then I’d not have been so bored.


Above in response to Daily Prompt : Yawn


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