I love myself and so I want to be better

I am tired of hearing the phrase ” I love myself , accept me as I am.” Or, ” If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love anyone else.”  Since when has love become a conditional phrase?

I love myself. In moderation. It is true that I am not my favorite because I realize that I can be better. I look at my accomplishments with a critical eye. It does not lessen my view of myself. It keeps me moving. Forward. I like to question things more so on the basis of right or wrong than what is preferred by me. It is harder to do because it involves evolving, and hence an acceptance that you can surpass your limitations and you should.

There are days when I wish I am more intuitive. There are times when I expect more compassion out of me. Those days, I do not accept myself as I am. I do not like me. I seek guidance. I want to know the ways that can help me to do better. As ironic it may sound, It is only my love for myself that pushes me to excel. To be a better person, a better companion, a better parent, a better individual.

Yes, pushing yourself all the time is consuming. Excess of anything is bad. So, I take time to smell the roses and bask in my self fulfilling glory. I spoil myself by letting the rein slip out of my hands. I realize that it is my love that is making me pause to look how far I have traveled; how many constraints I have crossed and how much potential I still have to make a difference.

Isn’t that enough of a confirmation that if one loves himself, he needs to be willing to change and not hide behind such phrases? Isn’t it true that sometimes to love another, it is crucial to stop thinking about yourself and only give?

I would like to know.

3 thoughts on “I love myself and so I want to be better

  1. Those kind of phrases makes me cringe, whether it is because I am uncomfortable around that word or I think it is all just BS I don’t know, Perhaps it is because of low self esteem so I cannot really see it for what it is meant to be. I don’t always analyse my day and say I could have been better at X, or done more of Y, perhaps I should, perhaps it would make me better.

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