Best friend

Someone asked me a couple of days back if I had a best friend. And it got me thinking. Do I have a best friend? This question also reminded me of  how I perceived the term ten years, twenty years ago, even before that when I was a kid and such loaded words were much simpler back then. And if adjectives such as best or closest are slowly becoming extinct for me.

I also remember  writing a post on friendship, about how I craved for one but always found someone or another short of my expectations and gave up by pushing them out of a circle whose circumference was guarded by my insecurities. Don’t get me wrong – I have many friends who know me since my kindergarten days and we spend time on a regular basis. I have shared my lunch with them, shown them the love notes I have received, disclosed my crushes over the years and copied their home work at the last moment.

I should also add that I have always been blessed with some friends in spite of being me. I should thank all of them for bearing with me when they had a choice to walk away.

But best friend is different. The word best carries the weight in which you share all. And also the one you think of every time you wish to share – transitions in life  be it a new place, a new boss, a new job , a promotion, a set back, bad boss, severe headache or something else.  It is also the one with whom you talk about your fears and aspirations; mistakes and fluke achievements. You take liberties with your closest  friend – assuming the relationship would be permanent. You know that when you have no where to go – you have the best  friend – or when you have no one to celebrate life with, you have your best friend.

But that is me  with a selfish focus sharing what I want to share in a  string of I’s and my’s.  I have never asked if I can be there, to share what the friend wants. I have to mend my ways so that I am not recalled as a dead friend –  but as a closest one.

So, eventually, I smiled when I was asked if I have a best friend. I have one. I feel closest to this one person who has stayed on the periphery to make me comfortable and has always supported me even from the distance created by me.

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