Zen and the art of (de)constructing ME

A slice of time; a poem still unfolding; 
A detached prose as a dash between the year of birth and unknown; 
A complex numeral with a real, short-lived body and an 
imaginary but very existent, evolving mind.


When you look at me – you see a body – as it appears immediately – the shining layer of skin over the working, moving parts. You may succeed to notice a certain precision that exists everywhere – in the nook of my elbow ; in the curvature of my heel, or the way my arms extend and bend down in a classic  right angle and my limbs stretch to move forward in a warrior pose such that no adjustment is required anywhere. If things within me were just off even by an inch, I would have been a different person, a different body altogether.

I am an onion. Peel at your own risk and be prepared to cry and feel 
the compassionate presence despite the flaky, protective exterior. 
Add me in relationships and I will give it everything. Keep me exposed 
to constant criticism and I will wrinkle and end up smelling worse than 
anything. Cover me with love and care and I will come out aromatic and 
fresh in every shred.

At the first glance,  my physical presence draws you to certain shapes and it withdraws you from some but in essence, they are entwined with each other  – the bones that are fused to form a petite frame; the olive colored flesh that swivels into a narrow waist before blooming full below and above; the footprint that has stayed at size seven as long as I can remember and the long fingers, tapered at the end, covering the upper lip as a sign of  rational silence. If I stand next to you, you will get a whiff of cardamom and garam masala while I explain the technology in state-of-the-art integrated circuits or the mechanics of  flight in an airplane. The deterministic quality of acquiring a simple skill amazes me; the flux of mind keeps me on my toes.

Any day, I am a pinch of salt than a teaspoon of sugar. I'd rather be 
a necessity than a polite luxury. Be greedy with me and everything 
will turn bitter. Keep me in cool places and avoid excessive, emotional 
moisture, and I will kick life like a perfect catalyst.

I take pride in the knowing the art of reading and writing, raising a family, doing my full-time job as an engineer and socializing on evolving real and virtual domains. But I cannot travel with maps, train schedules or follow verbose directions. I am capable to make noise while eating and I can dance with my eyes closed. I fail to hide what I am thinking and I am never late for anything.

Fluid like a river, I carry sharp banks of defensive attitude. I love 
to flow, erode and nourish. I am capable to smooth out the rocks of 
stubborn thoughts obstructing my way. As a dreamer, I often descend in 
the waterfall of my thoughts, rarely rising with a new concept. But I 
don't give up. Even if it means staying drowned under sheets of doubts.

I recognize the need to adapt. I readily accept new conditions and discard some towards the optimum performance of my entire system. My body has attached itself to specific coordinates in space and time and is oiled over time by matrimony and child-birth giving me an appearance that has evenly distributed experience, knowledge and realization in the depth of my gaze and the crowded creases on my forehead.

For enthusiasts here is an approximate, brief modus operandi:

Raw materials:
a heap of fire
an urn of earth
a cup of water
an ounce of air
ether as much as possible.
 After the furnished physical frame is ready, program the Lifetime-byte memory with the following:
Capability to read three books at a given time
2-Mbyte rationality
5-Kbit encrypted imagination
Parity bits of philosophical drama
5-payloads of toggling laughter
A few Error bits of insecurity
Note: The rest is reserved by the manufacturer for personal memories, education, job function and domestic duties; other Read-Only address locations are burnt with data containing love and other drugs.
Care and Handling:
 Optimal performance is achieved in the temperature range of ultra relaxed to moderate discomfort. You may hear rude remarks or see a distorted face when operated beyond the recommended range. Under such circumstances, offer hot shower followed by nap or a frothy cappuccino. Wait for ten minutes. The unit should be functional(smiling).
This unit is irreplaceable.


I move ahead everyday, as a shadow against the light of clock always 
searching for lost time. I thrive in narrative preferences. I am 
habitual when it comes to failures. I reach out to find my purpose 
after countless disappointments and realize that my mind is all I am 
and yet it is only the unstoppable sand in the palm of my hand.
A complete me would just be a finite, insignificant dot among many 
but a pinch of me would reflect the entire universe.

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