Internal memorandum to fear

Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out

Date        : June 17th, 2013

To           : Resident Fear

Cc           : Consciousness

Subject : Immediate clean up action required

Dear fear,

Lately I have realized that you have become a co-inhabitant instead of an occasional visitor – stalking, getting hold of me in places I used to be secure and thrashing my confidence into a pulp of insecurity.

From the instant I get up, you lurk like a shadow. You look for triggers smaller than ticks to set your metamorphosis into a giant cloud of confusion inside my head, curving and turning any conversation into manipulated inferences making me tired and angry. As a result, I am hurled away from the people I love and care about and so are they.  They no longer recognize me as I am wrapped in a dark blanket of filthy solicitude. I need to end this, I need to overcome, I need to shed the fuzziest yet heaviest burden in my head.

We must talk, in person. I need to identify your vicious presence, your irresponsible contours and your irrational core that almost makes you invincible in my head. I want to summon your demons that speak to me in a language that gets quickest to me and I wish to shred them so that they are never back together. Ever.

While a small part of you has been beneficial to me in terms of keeping me alert; over time, a build up has veiled the openings of trust and sound judgement. I want to lose these opaque covers of anxiety and unnecessary pain. I want to ride life with conviction and experience. So what if I fall again? I may take time to get up and walk again on my own but I don’t wish to hold your finger ever again.

To exist in your presence is to die everyday, to live without you is to die only once.

Without any further notice, you are hereby let go. Please make a note of taking this memo seriously – in case you do not evaporate now, I will do whatever it takes to eradicate you and yes, it includes, self-help of all kinds.

In the end I am certain that my will power will prevail.

With sincere beliefs,

Audacious Me


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