Serene silence

Sometimes, when I walk outside on the grass wearing the hoops of dew, I feel a sensation I cannot express.

Sometimes, when I sit outside with a heavy heart, the beautiful colors of the sky cheer me up and words get lost in between them.

Sometimes, when I watch the colors changing in the melting pot surrendering to the flame  to become our food, I become compassionate beyond utterance.

Sometimes, when I see a stranger holding a door for me when my hands are full, I find it fitting to acknowledge with gratitude in my eyes. A quick thank you seems small.

Sometimes, when I look at serene statue of Buddha in my backyard, holding a smile in all cycles of nature, I am reformed and no alphabets come to my rescue.

Sometimes, when I wake up after a frightful dream and see my family peacefully snoring in the quiet of the night, I realize this is the picture, I live to see, everyday. No expression is ever enough to measure my happiness.

I stay quiet and indulge in the transcendence.

PS – I have twisted the daily prompt a bit to list things that I cannot dare to describe for they will lose their magic.


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