The auspicious tattoo, the ornament of a bride,
henna designs ink  her skin particles in sight.


the bones are of colorful wood, the feathers resplendent,
the peacock stands as a spectacle of nature’s fragrance.

the peacock
the peacock

countless voices, sprinkling verses in the temple,
the devotee gazes and hangs her faith in prayers.

bells in kamakhyaa temple

the window of colors on either side guard as an angel,
sewing the tinted  jewels in night’s cradle.

tinted walls
tinted walls

where they greet every guest with flowers in a tie
the petals rest in water creating a bloom in your eye.

a display of petals in Lake Palace
a display of petals in Lake Palace

small patios watch themselves in water,
the  dusky light warms up a melting marble’s quarter.

city palace,Udaipur
city palace,Udaipur

the broken halves but a beauty so fierce,
words slip by as centuries without any shears.

beauty carved in stone
beauty carved in stone

corridors are arranged waiting for you to arrive,
purple wins the air where luxurious symmetries strive.

the hallways
the hallways

a son is decorated, a warrior comes to life,
mother earth becomes his chariot, wind is his sharpest knife.

young warrior
young warrior

Above pictures are in response to the weekly photo challenge : patterns

Images copyright : theinnerzone



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