Your best friend

Last night, I went to bed, mad. I could not sleep. So I got up and started looking to write something about. Found the latest weekly writing challenge and off I went, punching keys, making up stories, erasing them – using my anxiety and anger to create something. My post was almost a 1000 words long when I was done. I found it crappy but by that time, my restlessness had evaporated. So as an homage, to the blank sheet that was now covered with absurd thoughts, I saved it instead of cleaning the slate. I went to bed, sated.

This morning, I looked at it again and reduced it to 250 words. Before I started editing it, I saw my furious face in it, my aggressive words and my inner feelings laid out in open, bare and dried up. The post was a reflection of yesterday. Today it looked thawed up, covered, a bit exposed and ready to be showcased.

The point is that our blogs are a transitory impression of ourselves, both unique and commonplace. Sometimes, a great post is whipped out of a sudden burst of right words and creative inputs. At other times, there will be mundane flush of feelings and experiences. Both are important. Both need to be expressed. And nothing works better than a blank canvas of a lucent screen, ready to pick up whatever you wish to drop, staining it forever.

I believe, as writers, just as any other artists, we remain ourselves. What other choice do we have? Even if we try, we cannot become anyone else. Over time, we are modified, inspired, let down – by experiences, imaginations and even reading other authors. We inherently pick up what we like, we discard what we find repetitive and drab. Let blogging be the same for you. Experiment, try, transform, come back, learn, evolve. Be fearless when it comes to change. Let the experience mold you into someone better, someone of quality and someone who is at peace with their work.

Let writing be your favorite muse even when you are not writing. Let your blog be your best friend.


6 thoughts on “Your best friend

  1. We think, we feel, we grow, we change….we forget.
    If we forget, then it’s lost.
    But if we expressed it at some point in a post, then it’s preserved as a reminder of the journey to who we are becoming.
    Thank you for your post, it has inspired and encouraged me.

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