A universe within

The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next?

Disclaimer: Regarding this weekly writing prompt, I have decided to take a bit of a detour than the suggested reference of time.  Reader discretion advised.

Brown,streaked, sturdy. The door to my home. The metal knob and plates holding it in place with a wreath up there to soften the blow of a crossing point. This is where strangers stop, this is where owners cross and go in. It looks familiar. I knock and push. It opens and a ray of blinding light ignites me. I am covered in a glow. I walk like a hologram, suspended in eternity and bathed in luminescence; I bounce between the pockets of time , the present moment dissolving into dust of past but making a sculpture in future. I fathom that time is a murky, dynamic reference – sand slipping out of closed fists.

I imagine the walls to disappear, they do. I look at the ceiling, I see a glimpse of heaven. I gaze at the floor and clouds appear holding my steps into  cushions of foam and mist. There is no resistance, there is no effort, there is only lightness. I try to feel my contours. I only feel a delicate, intricate network around me. I am the nucleus – shinning and guiding, changing the reality every instant, playing with the cosmos and rearranging it. There are other radiant bodies around me – constellations of them, each a hologram with no shape to describe and no color to comprehend. But they are exquisite, they are unique and they are floating like me. I am awakened to happiness – pure, simple joy. Enthralled by existence, dipped in love.

I walk ahead. I notice cluster of feathers. The images on feathers are changing – of people I have known, loved and hated. I am subconsciously changing images without realizing. Each feather is a dream house with countless permutations. I watch the fur of the feather – they move gently holding hope and despair as little bundles along. I tickle one and the dream is full of light, love and happiness and vice-versa. I realize the power of choice, the inevitable overlap of destiny and the inseparable link of love.

With so much of light, suddenly I yearn for darkness. The entire space turns purple, the feathers look demonic, the network menacing. I decide to explore. There are no colors except black, there are no radiant bodies, there is a pause of death. Suddenly the walls have appeared, the gravity has returned and the resistance  is dragging me down. The ceiling is closing in and I feel numb with overwhelming anxiety. I see ghosts of suffering and illness. I am introduced to fear.  I am disintegrating. I visualize grief.  I feel irreparable loss.  But I close my openings and think of the light that was there before. It sorts out. I open myself – the darkness is still around but little lamps of my perception are lighting the way. I have changed form, but I still exist. I recognize impermanence.

Now, I look back at the door – its invisible presence is holding me within. Where am I?  It all looks familiar but isn’t, it is all mine but is it? Doubt appears on the center stage making me wonder about what I deserve and what I don’t. But the memory of confidence eats it away. I start chanting.

Light is key to the lock of darkness. An open mind is the foundation for a full life. Choices are important. Dreams are vital. Grief and fear will be part of life but they can be overcome. Time will only matter as much as living in the present moment. I will never be the same but that is pivotal to my immortal presence in the universe. Love will set me free but will also keep bringing me back. Last but not the least – this is hell, this is where heaven is – this is all where the magic is, where the repulsion strives – it depends what I make of it.

I touch the walls, I land on the ground and I stare at the roof. I am back in my home and I am back in me. The perpetual door stands as if it was always there.Door to universe

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