What is my blog?

Is my blog a personal space?

Indeed. I try to write everyday, sometimes at odd hours and sometimes at the assigned ones. And it’s not just my blog, I tap my fingers on the notes section of my iPhone when I am not in the vicinity of WiFi. I make mental notes and hold on to certain words while I am struck by something unusual, or imprisoned in a thought for too long. I make a song when words start fading away. I breathe slowly so that I could grasp the meaning of some simpler things and translate them into meaningful words. Sometimes I am successful and at other times, I only cringe at my inability to find the precise lexicon. Finally, during some odd hour, all of this gets spilled here and stays alive in published posts or remains dormant in waiting drafts. But my mind is vacant again to fill in with something else.images

Is it creative?

Creativity is over rated. What is creativity after all? For it mostly lies in the perception and not so much in the origin. Creativity is resonance to quality, to a higher ground within us. While everything that molds into a written word can be branded as creative, it is only handful that actually grabs the tag. The colors of sky are creative everyday; so is the arrangement of stars and likewise for the wildflowers that grow on the side of your pavement. Life sprouts in most creative and unusual ways every moment and yet sinks into oblivion without a faintest applause. Yet it keeps happening not for the sake of anything else but because of its inherent, true nature. I guess, if you take time to see anything closely, including your writing, you’ll find traits of original thoughts, precise expressions and a prevailing quality of being yourself. I can say the same about my blog and like everything else, I write and I believe its creative.

“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.” – Red Haircrow


Is it written to spike up stats bars?

Attention is important; and readership provides a great deal of synchronized satisfaction. I check the stats bars several times in a day after I have deposited a post. But, some of my best posts have been like wildflowers – coming and going with not even a single like. And that lets me down for a moment but my urge to write never stops. I keep scratching my core for more quality, more precision in brevity and wholesomeness and soon enough, a better article is whipped out from the cerebral labyrinth and I start staring at the stat bars again.

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”        – Henry Miller

Is it about anything particular? Should it be about anything particular to attract attention?

My posts are about everything that touches a human life. Before I started this blog, I thought several times to make it particular, focused and attentive. But I could not settle and decided to keep it the way I perceived it to be.  In the end, whatever makes me happy and content about my expression is the best form of art I can serve and be true to. And trust me, if there is anything that is creative here – it is the level of happiness you achieve by doing something that you wish to and not what others drive you to. It might make you solitary for some time but you’ll get used to it, happily. And maybe later, some one will check out your posts and synchronize with your thoughts. In the bigger picture, does that really matter? Remind me the next time I stare at the stats log!



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