Lost and Found

I have wondered about cloning as long as I can remember. In childhood days, I wanted one to do the housework while I studied. At other times, it was supposed to sing and dance while I watched it or played instruments in the background. At one time, I wanted it to go away with a boy I liked quite a bit but loved marginally. But I have to make it all work, like all of you with a single copy.

I have been a rebel when it comes to daily prompts. I like to come up with reasons that contradict, dissect it with my homegrown, herbal philosophy. But this one, I have to comply for I always wanted to be cloned.

Google image
Google image

We are spread across the universe but contained in a single body. There are different versions of us that develop over time and by the time we are full-grown adults, we are nothing but a fat onion with dry, flaky shells of everyday life protecting our innermost core of values, desires, intellect and eccentricities. We use our intelligence and experience to expose/hide portions of our layers to the society. It would be efficient and less stressful if one or few layers get transferred into a copy that complies with expectations of others. It would be simpler if you could mesh out the darker and brighter sides as summer and winter clothes or itemize your habits in one, dreams in another. The permutations can be endless…

But it ain’t so for a reason. We are a spectrum instead of a single color and the variations between these colors are the lines that construct us into a blurry, confusing mess of thoughts  contained between solid boundaries of our actions. To separate them into single threads would be to cut open a seed only to find no substance inside. Instead, if the seed is nurtured in sun,soil, water and weathered in harsher situations – it will become a tree of multiple dimensions carrying the DNA of past and a promise of a new future.

Our layers are a build up from evolution, experience and imagination. Together, they form a picture. Cloning, no matter how tempting, will only make our picture incomplete. But I do scratch my head at times and wonder – if I could live more, feel more, be more or find more about self if there were multiple me’s beside me. I guess, each one of them will probably ponder – what if we were all consolidated, single entity?



3 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. A lot of the answers I’ve seen to this challenge (including my own) talk about using a clone to do all of the things we’re less keen on. But I think you’re right- we’re all too complicated for that. If we don’t experience negatives along with the positives, if we’re not challenged, then we’ll just be two dimensional human beings- flat, featureless and only partly formed.
    I’m trying to be a writer and I know my work would be much less interesting if I hadn’t suffered, seen other people suffer, seen the scary along with the delightful- how on earth could I write about a character’s pain if I’d only been told about the sensation by a third party?
    We are all onions!

  2. I like your perspective and such a good one. A song popped into my head as I was reading it “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” from Elmopalooza DVD (I know but my foster son loved it) anyhow although the thought is nice reality it is we don’t really want to live on the Moon (YET!)

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