A frozen moment

It is about ten years ago when I was at Tulsa, OK. My better half was there for work and me and kids tagged along to spend a few nights away from home, by his side. It was the time when my younger one had just turned one and was sleeping peacefully through the night. Postpartum stress was long gone and I was reuniting with myself; in body and mind.

While we were collecting baby toys from every corner of the suite and stuffing our over packed suitcase (we were only there for two days), my husband suggested that he’d take the kids to the reception and complete the checkout. I stayed back with the luggage, waiting for the bell boy to arrive.

While they left and I waited, still eying under the dresser, in the drawers, in bathroom and under the bed for any left over family signature; the attendant arrived. While he courteously arranged the luggage and walked towards the service lift, I strolled towards the elevator – walking lazily, enjoying my few moments of solitude.

In the elevator, I was greeted warmly by a man, probably in his fifties.

After a few seconds, he broke the silence and asked: Excuse me, by any chance are you a doctor?

I nodded in negation and said: I am an engineer.

He waited and said: Did you want to be a doctor, ever?

I stalled. How did he know? I looked at him and said: Yes. But due to various reasons, I did not end up being one.

It’s not too late, he replied affectionately. I can foresee that you will be an excellent one, should you choose. You should think about it.

The gate buzzed open next instant and so did my eyes. Have a good day, he waved and walked away.

I stood there for a moment registering our conversation. While my rational self tried to dismiss it, something pulled me and I thought about it over and again many times.

Years later, when I enrolled as the volunteer for Hospice; I recollected our dialogue and tried to remember his face. It instantly appeared and vanished from my recollection but the words remain distinct as a clear – blue sky without a single trace of cloud.

A fleeting moment indeed, that has stayed.



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