Stranded but not stuck

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

A foreign city. No money or known people around. Keyword : For a day.

It will be a unique day. It will be a day of realizing how (un)resourceful I am in terms of social skills and how much of a shy or a loner – unable to ask for company, food etc.

The city could be Istanbul, just for sake of assumption. I have always wanted to go there and stand in the middle of bazaar and stare at the colorful whiff of life. I will walk into one of the shops and try to explain my situation and if the person at the other end is compassionate, he/she’d let me help out and earn a few bucks. That will enable me to find a place to rest at night. If one refuses, I will hop to another and keep looking until I am exhausted – to find some sort of work – on second thought, not even for the money but to make use of this opportunity to be useful to a stranger without any expectation in return. We don’t come upon many such chances in our lives because we live in the shade of comfort, security and our deadlines. I’d want to make use of this idyllic me when there is nothing to spend except my energy and  time. Aren’t those the most useful resource all of us have?

Coming back to my attempt – if I am exhausted, I’d sit down under a tree, a shade or whatever appropriate is available and make mental notes of everything that surrounds me. Hunger will poke me from time to time but it will be a day of fasting. Night will be spent in gazing stars and understanding our separation in light years. I’d thank them for giving me company. The idea is to is to keep my mind busy and not let it dwell in strange, insecure thoughts for everything may go wrong or nothing may. Either way the day will come to an end and so my experience of spending myself with me.

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