Five reasons for not being Freshly Pressed so far…

Each morning, I open up the Freshly Pressed page – it is like newspaper with a cup of hot, masala tea to me! It is one web site that has more diversity than any workplace I have been in. It is a hot bed of creativity – carved and curved with diligence, hard work and original imagination of avant-grade bloggers.Why haven’t I made it up there, yet? I ask that question everyday and use it to help me to write better.

Some of the reasons for not showing up on Freshly Pressed may be (but not limited to):

  1. I am lazy when it comes to taking pictures. I overcome the deficit by writing a thousand words or more instead of putting a picture. It never does justice but it is easier.
  2. I love to repeat myself. It is not a good writing technique but it is what I like to do. I hate omitting unnecessary words because of my love of language. Editing is sometimes equivalent to being silent, for me.
  3. My prose is often like a loose dress hanging on a mannequin – you wish it was tighter somewhere but it just refuses to be so. I call it my “style”.
  4. My blog is about everything. Like a lot of things, I cannot commit to one genre of existence. I am everywhere I can be, within my head and life. That is also the reason, I keep changing themes. Restlessness is key.
  5. I don’t have my picture up – it is always good when fellow bloggers can identify with you as a person of the same species; else there is always room for doubt. Coming back to picture, it is work in progress. Maybe, someday. I do have a sketch though, that I drew a few years back. It remotely resembles me.

So, you see it will be quite an effort for me to get up there. But it remains a beautiful dream to enter into an elite club (with limited membership) and mark my little square with other esteemed writers. I will keep trying not for the sake of just getting there but remaining as a thoughtful reminder to many who can relate with my “stylish” craft of words, sketchy presence, lack of pictures and perhaps theirs.

In the meantime, I will just write.


5 thoughts on “Five reasons for not being Freshly Pressed so far…

  1. You seem such the calm person…why would you fret the Freshly Stressed.. I’d scribble more but it’s time to change templates.


  2. I think its not that your boring or not worthy of freshly pressed, it is just that they can’t freshly press everyone. Believe me, I scratch my head when I see some of the choices for freshly pressed. Some of the choices are great and others, It makes no sense at all. I saw someone get freshly pressed after 3 posts? And it wasn’t even interesting.

    1. You are right about the selection criteria of freshly pressed. This post was just a vent to list out things that aren’t by the book of rules of Freshly Pressed.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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