A letter to me; a dose of self love

From: The writing Desk

Attention: Self

Date : Today

Subject : Self Love

Dear Me,

Do you remember not too long ago, when someone said : You are incredible, perhaps the most wondrous, amazing person I have met.

And for a moment, you  stood there – dazed and ecstatic – not knowing how to respond. You jumped all day around (not literally), and felt happy for many more days that tagged behind. Did you ever wonder – why don’t I feel like this all the time?

Because you try too hard to ignore your strengths and accomplishments and always work on what is missing in you.

Do I really ignore my accomplishments? You had asked and stooped over backwards to peep within. And after some soul and skin searching, you found some extra-ordinary and artistic layers, you owned. However, there was this annoying pile of stuff, mostly criticism with a bigger, red tag of COMPLAINTS written all over. It has been your baggage throughout instead of the colorful balloon of your triumphs.

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Honestly, you never gave much thought to your talents or the unique interests you dared to follow. Instead, you were always a careful ear to what was lacking within you to reach the ideal image. You gave unfair importance to what should be instead of what it is. As a result, you acquired quite a bit on the way but always felt restless and to a great extent, unhappy. There were always people with their opinions to convince you that life is worth pursuing what is insufficient and not enjoying what is achieved. It is, indeed, not their fault to have laid out their point of view and conviction; but entirely yours to feel so influenced by it that you gave up on your bearings, your instincts.

It is important to love yourself. It is perhaps, the most important and useful thing. It is also important to be criticized to go towards better and fuller life with your entire potential but not at the cost of losing love for yourself. A limited set of success with a lot of love is far better that an unlimited set of excellence and no love to enjoy it or understand it.

Courtesy : Google
Courtesy : Google

I can imagine your face now – it is lowered, wondering how easy it will be for you to shift gears? It won’t be. Your mindset is like concrete, unable to move beyond its periphery. But even a stone can be weathered by constant, flowing water. Allow self love to flow and erode your former thinking and set new standards for doing things that actually make you happy and content. Open yourself to accept you. Life isn’t a race to prove anything to anyone but a slow, tedious path of discovering oneself.

Take baby steps.

Work towards one day at a time.

Take time to explore and nourish yourself and whenever doubt obstructs the flow; let it be useful to let you step back, observe and go back to loving again. Remember that you cannot make everyone happy with your constant alterations towards so called perfection but you can always choose to stay happy with some of your limitations.

Often, while thick in between your musings, I watch you reflect upon nature. It is a combination of so much imperfection that it looks perfect. Each molecule in it is an art of love, no matter how it looks or where it is placed. You are the product of the same cycle, same synthesis and same creation. You may be fragmented between your heart,mind,body and soul and even your society but you are whole, the way you are.  And that is truly worth falling deeply in love with.

We often miss out on the relationship with self and wonder why aren’t we happy? The idea of self-love is not to grow conceited but to accept our limitations and capabilities. It is to understand the foundation of happiness. Comparison with others’ will only lead to a constant struggle of proving something. Be mesmerized with what others can do, even if you cannot and be confident of your power even if no one is around to applaud you. Then, hearing a compliment will make you smile but not yearn for it for you are already at a comfortable and happy place.

In the end, take good care and listen to your self. Always know that the love we search outside is without any exception, within us.

Only a thought away,


P.S. – To love one self is a clichéd topic to preach about; but often the hardest to realize, accept and follow. You can read this as many times as you wish. So long!

Courtesy : Photostock
Courtesy : Photo stock

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