Spontaneous stability

Spontaneity and routine are two faces of the same coin of life – while we can dread one and long for another – it is a mix that keeps our existence in check.

I always tell myself that when things get too comfortable, it is time for a change to occur or when too many changes are occurring, I expect chaos to take a breather.

What do I prefer? I believe my answer can be plotted at different points along the graph of  my life.

Back in the days of dolls and school textbooks, everything was simpler – even changes – just jumping from one grade to another with little to ponder upon. What was inside was reflected outside. Gradually this reflection changed from a clear, crisp image to a blurry picture with pigments of responsibilities, personality and the art of surviving. The equation that was easier to solve before became complex with infinite variables. This was the age of figuring out my place in this world. Routine seemed like a blessing then and any change caused the painful effort of recalibrating myself with the world. And one fine day, a grain of wisdom made its way into my head bringing spontaneity along with it. I realized the secret of being happy was making an inherent choice to be so, no matter what was being manifested outside.

I still freak out at unpleasant changes, I get lazy when routine continues like sun showing up every morning. But, thankfully I always return to the co-ordinate of spontaneous stability reminding myself that nothing lasts forever. It keeps me on my toes, ready to dance when the music starts and take a break now and then allowing me to live. To welcome every facet of existence is an experience  to go off a tangent and then return to the circle of life.

the curve of smile


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