I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go…

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I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. ~Life of Pi

Letting go…untangling threads of attachment and letting them slip – one by one and watch them disappear. Life remains an art of forming such a bond that never loses faith yet maintains the understanding of partings and goodbyes; even the unsaid ones.

A close friend of mine, died two days ago. Even though I had the knowledge of her intense suffering (because of cancer for several years) and the fact that death might claim her any moment; I am numb and restless. I am still learning how to let go; how to say goodbye and not hold back. It does not come naturally to me. For the past two days, I am sitting and staring at my screen for several moments before doing anything. Lapses of time stretch and my face distorts as if trying to understand something; though not sure what it is. Death has a way with its enormous silence and absolute authority – everything comes to an abrupt stop and any step ahead becomes unsure, paused and broken. An invisible thread tugs, form knots of questions and generates loops of possible answers. The mind searches for any sign of fairness, any shred of validity and reason to not feel the pain. In the background, life goes on – the job, the duties, the natural habits of eating and sleeping. A nagging anxiety remains.

I wish I can let go of her, her suffering and her painful memories. I wish I let her stay as an emblem of strength and draw inspiration but not feel frustrated with the unfairness of life towards her. Perhaps that is what letting go means – holding close to heart a possibility of a miracle and not letting the tragedy rip away your faith, your power to stay true to yourself and in harmony with everything else. Letting go is not to abandon but to live and look ahead with a sweet memory by your side.

Goodbye my dearest friend – may you shine among the stars; may you touch the earth in one of sun’s ray; may you feel eternal love and may you rest in  peace.photo(4)



25 thoughts on “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go…

  1. I loved this quote (and loved LIfe of Pi– the book and the movie). I am truly sorry for your loss. I once read that grief is a process, not an event. This is so true. Allow yourself to feel the numbness, the confusion, and the sadness. I pray for you to find peace.

    1. Thanks Gail for your understanding. Grief is indeed a process – sometimes unveiling our personal fear than sorrow for another. I have allowed myself to feel whatever this tide brings with it. Hoping for peace and comfort in due time.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog by accident trying to locate via the internet the full quote from the movie The Life of Pi…..this quote grabbed me so much. On Father’s Day 2008 we had just spoken to our son Jeremy that morning, we lived in Alaska and he was in Australia doing missions work and close to being engaged to a young Aussie gal, by that afternoon he and a friend had been swept off the rocks into the ocean his friend rescued but our son never found. This quote was very touching…..and so was your blog! God bless you in your journey of grief…..we continue to hold onto God! The Earnshaw’s

  3. This is exquisite. My mother and grandmother passed away in the last three months, four weeks apart. The grieving we do as their life winds down simply does not sufficiently prepare us for the unfathomable. How can those so large in our lives be gone? How can people around us not realize the enormity of this? Wishing you peace and moments of comfort.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry for your loss – parents, grandparents are our links to our presence in a previous slice of time – once they are gone, they become a part of us. We keep them alive until we follow the values they stood for. Grieving is a natural process as living and dying are. I wish you kindness and peace too. Hugs!

      Btw, read your blog recently – the post for weekly writing challenge , and loved it.

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