Why do we write?

I was nine-year old when I wrote my first poem – it was irregular and erratic – words ended before their meaning began. But, I continued.

Why do we write?

I believe, we write to understand ourselves. Expression is inherent to our mindset and our social presence. Rarely, the expressions come out exactly as we think; often they don’t. And in that constant struggle, we find a niche that best approximates our thinking and experiences.

I gave up on writing, several times. My passages were broken, incoherent and flawed. I was trying too hard and was unable to look beyond a critic’s unforgiving eye instead of just writing. Frustrated, I took a break and went back to reading. In that time, I could not resist but think about taking a writing class and read a few books that would teach me to write “correctly”.

In midst of those aimless wanderings – on one bright day, while sitting outside, something happened. I was watching my backyard (as I often do) and out of nowhere, I had an unstoppable urge to write again. I went inside and started typing whatever came to my mind. The prose was uneven once again, but I felt better and happy. That was my progress – I accepted myself and my form of expression; no matter how inconsistent it was. I clutched on to that mantra and ever since, have written everyday.

This is not to say that I don’t battle with my perception of perfection anymore; but I keep going. The “idea” of perfection comes as a positive inspiration and eventually leaves me alone with my art. After that, I simply write – first from the heart and then from a mindful eye. I have also evolved from the idea of  writing long, flowery sentences to simpler, short ones. It keeps the confusion away and helps me with the realization of why I write – to understand myself better. I look up to healthy criticism but don’t let it give up the only thing I know how to do.

Writing is taking a journey into our minds, our capabilities and our limitations. It can lead us to pleasant destinations or uncomfortable and weary halts in between. The only challenge is to let it evolve you and not the other way round.

I write because it makes me happy. It gives me clarity in my thoughts. It makes me believe that simplicity has the greatest sophistication.

Why do you write? I’d be happy to hear.


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