An unemployed morning

It was a fine morning in June,2010. The sky was blinding blue as there were no clouds and foaming jet streams. My backyard was sprayed with golden light and little flowers from potted plants were springing up as if to touch the warm ceiling of air.

serving nhappiness
serving happiness

Me and my husband were sitting quietly – enjoying three egg omelet with cheese, asparagus, diced green chillies, chopped mushrooms, minced garlic and fresh coriander leaves with home-made hash brown. There was an anxiously waiting teapot of hot, masala chai brewing under the tea-cozy listening to the occasional chirping of birds outside and the light flute recital by Hari Prasad Chaurasia ( a renowned classical flute player from India) in the background.

However, in midst of these serene surroundings and light jingling of knives marking the porcelain; there was a soft whip of uncertainty in the air. It has been a few months after my husband had left his sparkling sales job to pursue his entrepreneurial/philanthropic interests  in India (relying on my steady income). A few days after, I had found that my start-up venture had no chance to survive due to famished investments. It was also the same time when we had discovered that my father was suffering from malignant cancer in his brain and I had decided to spend a few weeks with him. It was our nth trip to India in past couple months and  given the financial uncertainty due to no income and my absence from the job market if something did decide to come my way during difficult economic times, had painted grim all over our horizons.

Suddenly, he caught me smiling.

“You seem happy.” he commented.

“Maybe given the bleak picture – I shouldn’t be.” I replied and kept smiling.

“What I mean is that you seem happy given what we are going through at this time.” He candidly responded.

“That is correct – but this is a matter of joy – you have finally taken a leap of faith for a very good cause. I am forced out of a comfort zone and I need a change in my work scenery. Lastly and most importantly, I am going to spend quality time with my ailing dad. There is an opportunity everywhere I look especially at this ambiguous time and here is this beautiful, bright morning – you and I are so relaxed in spite of all the challenges ahead of us and we are enjoying our delicious breakfast. If  life is ever meaningful and beautiful – it is looking at its best right now, right here.”

He smiled, held and squeezed my hand for a second and I almost heard him saying this – you have graduated from your old self.


While many scrumptious delicacies in luxurious surroundings have come my way in past years – every time I am asked about the meal I remember the most; it is the one described above – breakfast in an unemployed morning.


7 thoughts on “An unemployed morning

  1. This was a wonderful post. I think it also hit a vein with me being unemployed, dealing with a husband with non curable cancer and taking care of a grandson. I hope you have more wonderful breakfasts and spend that important time with family..

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