The courage to say No

Daily Prompt: Undo

Life is a dichotomy – full of potential and limitations – like mind of unlimited power housed within a body carrying restrictions of  space and time. It oscillates between randomness of day-to-day events and yet remains fairly stable over the years. It is this very characteristic of life that teaches us to adapt, to learn, to evolve and to accept. Will I like to change any event, any invention – alter it and write a new chapter instead?

Like everyone else, my life is marked by pauses – both good and bad. While the good ones have boosted my confidence; bad ones have made me tolerant and compassionate. If for some reason, I erased the darker segments – I’d lose the virtue that only a suffering can bring. I’d be ruled by deterministic arrogance instead of mystical randomness.

Two years ago, when I lost my father to a brain tumor of the worst grade – I had thought about ways of reducing his suffering. But I could not. On the other hand, his suffering gave me a new perspective and his death, opened a new door for me. I turned from a matter-of-fact, logical, cold person to a compassionate and accepting human. I realized my attitude before was a cover up for a deep seeded insecurity regarding dying. Needless to say, I miss him dearly and not even a day goes by, when I do not think what it’d be like if he was around. However the reality is that his entire life is summed up in the lesson I have learned and the actions that will follow as a result.

So, if I have a chance to change this, will I? With tears in my eyes and a faint smile; I think I have the courage to say No.

P.S. This prompt is about an invention not a life altering event – but to me, the ones that shape us, irritate us or exalt us are the ones less talked about but felt more. The gadgets are only secondary accessories. Life is lazy yet more complicated with them and laborious yet simpler without them.


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