Creative hour

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

If I am awarded a piece of land and financial resources to fulfill any wish – a plethora of self-centered ideas will cloud my mind. To built a home as per my wishes or to create a garden or a sanctuary where I could unwind. Or perhaps a play area, a pool, a gym – the list is endless. But I think, what will truly make me happy is to keep a minimalist garden where children, adults from all walks of life are welcome to spend an hour at a given time, brainstorming on critical issues that limit our world.

This nest of ideas and thoughts will be called Creative hour and will always be open. Great ideas often strike us when we are unprepared to handle them or take them to completion. There will be freedom to express with the only constraint that the idea should benefit us a race. Cure for deadly diseases with alternative life style; inspiring technology towards a better life; noise free and compassionate living; volunteering as a part of daily job; spending an hour with yourself to understand your true nature; new ways to resolve conflicts between families, communities, nations and making life simple(not necessarily easy) could be some tips of the iceberg. The idea is to dissolve ego and yet aspire individual thinking; to create harmony and not chaos; to accept diversity and not mark boundaries based on our appearances and physical dimensions but establish a human connection.

It will be an extremely tough beginning but as the notion of being successful as a team and not as a single entity will seep through our skin; I am certain that everyone will respond to the synergy. In the end, that is all we always hope and wish for – to be loved and to be remembered before we are swallowed by the darkness of death. Dissolving our selfish longings into a meaningful, collective future is the only way to achieve it.


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