You, Me and Us

When you say my name, it becomes something else – when you sit by my side, the world suddenly lights up and when you hold my hand – I feel safe, happy and brave and then you are gone. The spark vanishes and darkness inks my world. This control and this freedom; this smile and the lurking tears; this bliss and its surrounding suffering is my connection to you. It is perhaps, what we notoriously describe as love – the only oscillation in life worth riding. No, love does not complete me – it makes me better; it rips my heart open. It stays like a thorn bleeding my ego away, waiting for your arrival.

Is today the day of love? Am I supposed to confirm my love for you? Perhaps for some – who believe in words and who like to label feelings. To me, love is like a drop of indigo on the spectrum of time – it colors the entire bucket of life in a moment without much ado. For some, it may not have happened today with a bouquet of roses and a hallmark card but may have occurred in a crowded bus or in the shortest span of accidentally touching a stranger passing by or with a spouse after numerous years of wedlock. For others, it may have happened in the worst and the most unfamiliar of surroundings or in a place that you’d have known all your life. For me, it happens every time you are by my side or in my thoughts.

Love is absurd. It isn’t a decision, but an inherent choice. A choice to learn, a choice to suffer, to be jealous and insecure and yet to feel happy even if the rest of world is burning. It is the most selfish of feelings yet the most compassionate one. Let me dwell in this dichotomy and soar to become much more than I am; not just today but every moment of my life. Let you remain my focus, my meditation and my faith everyday. Let the three overrated words do not spill off my lips but reflect in my soul and my gaze every time you look at me.

Let cupid’s arrow pierce me deeper and turn me into something magical from you and me into us.


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