Should do just this ….

I am turned off by the words should and must. They are mighty compelling and rigid without any flexibility of choice. There are many things that I should do, but I don’t. Some of these tasks maintain their status in the procrastination queues and others are simply negated as acts of rebellion. Here are some from the Eat, Pray and Love domain:

  • Should not eat after 4pm – This is a perfect procrastination item. I have had too many breakups with this one inside my head – it is beyond repair. We are separated for good. I eat at all times – without any guilt or hesitation.
  • Should mediate daily – This is extremely useful but when there is a choice of watching an entertaining movie over siting in lotus position staring at an old vase, I prefer the former. I am hoping that watching a movie intently can count as meditation.
  • Should love unconditionally – Hmm, actually I try but is there really something as unconditional? In absence of any conditions, especially on love – life would be devoid of the dramatic and sharp edges of insecurity. Love will no longer sell as a hot commodity and all the economy that feeds on our need for gratification will starve. Will Facebook retain its popular then? I am horrified at the idea.

So you see, the primaries of life cannot be controlled or kept calm. But at the same time, vices should not be glorified yet they should linger to keep us human. Guidelines to live a life should make us happy and not necessarily perfect. I must try to only follow that, the rest is noise.


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