Born every moment

By virtue of my birth, I am a Hindu. Hinduism believes in reincarnation where lifetime is a resultant of past actions. I am not sure if I am a believer in getting numerous chances but I have wondered about karma and reincarnation seems to be one possible explanation of reinforcement of right over wrong, faith over doubt and justice over non-accountability.

Is there reincarnation? Who knows? I have been obsessed with the idea of finding out everything that happens after death but like most of you, I have given it up as there are no answers. When the fact of dying troubles me, I think of reincarnation – I think that I will come back here again, I will have another shot, I will do things differently. But reality may be far from that. This blip of life is all we may ultimately have and death may be as unglamorous as turning off of a switch – a deep, ignorant sleep and nothing more. The thought scares me; brings me to my toes; makes me conscious and giddy about the passing moment and I do things that have been procrastinated, ignored or overlooked for a while.

I think, reincarnation happens every day, every single moment of our lives. It is nothing but a state of being aware, of being awake and accomplishing tasks that make our lives happy and meaningful. Who knows what happens to us when we go to bed every night? What matters is how we restart our world the next day or how we use our experiences to alter our lives and that of others.

While rebirth remains a mystery; death and taxes are certain. The present moment of life is all I have. This realization is my mantra, my spiritual reincarnation.

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