the irony of being human

It’s one of those days when waking up is a routine and not a natural process. Scanning the headlines of a newspaper feels the same way since past few months – I am scared to pick up the news of a shooting, rape or something equally unsettling. Yet it is happening with some and will continue to happen. I am not sure I understand it but I do feel hopeless and frustrated with our race.

Is there something we are supposed to do that we aren’t doing at all – bringing up our kids right – making them responsible, compassionate human beings rather than teaching them how to be successful by hook or crook?

I look outside – it is a beautiful day as it was a beautiful evening yesterday and probably, it will be a warm day tomorrow. Why do we choose to be cold, ugly and indifferent when we have a choice to be better and beautiful? Is it inherent in our DNA to be manipulative and selfish for survival? Is this how we are steering ourselves into the future?

Is it natural to succumb to the limited but horrifying power of alcohol, drugs, firearms when we have an unending source of mental creativity within us or is it that we are bent over backwards to destroy ourselves?

Turmoil and paradoxes form a long line. Hope seems to be another excuse of being lazy. No answers come to rescue. Questions continue to tug and bother. Perhaps all of this yin and yang is our defect and its understanding, our salvation. In the end, it simply summarizes us as flawed, as broken in parts, as human.


Now the spotlight is on you :

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