The sky looks plain vanilla today, broken in parts by sunlight. Vast expanse of space covered with white, creamy clouds – like scoops of ice cream in shining cones pierced by sparkling spoons of gold.

Yesterday, the sky looked like a chocolate bar – dark, wicked and mysterious – melting as rain into the crevices of earth. Equally delicious yet very different. Everyday, something is whipped out from the belly of universe and spilled out – there is so much to choose from, be it our taste buds, our senses and all that falls outside the restricted category of flavors.

To me, flavors are not limited to taste, but also to smell, touch, sound, sight  and a distinct blend of heart and mind. There are aromas I lust; there are textures with astonishing details; there are colors of exquisite quality and there are sounds that envelope me in mystical serenity – anything that nourishes authenticity instead of an expectation and throws me into a surprising, overwhelming awe. There are many more – looking like common place but are extraordinary because they spark an original memory – flavor of spices in a home cooked food; aroma of earth after a refreshing rain; the sniff of love in a grandma’s hug; the old scent of paper in a forgotten childhood album;  the sight of an old friend and the passionate kiss of a lover. All and many more fall into the category of favorites – some are forgotten as new ones take their place keeping the list a complete enigma at any given moment.

A flavor should be a delicious assault on the senses and an invading experience that turns a single, insignificant moment to an ecstatic memory that gets overwritten every time a superior one comes along or perhaps kept intact like an old, preserved love letter.



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