Daily Prompt: Immortalized in Stone – Love personified


Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?

I pick up a stone – rooted in earth – hibernating in soil as the world walks away and ahead. I run my fingers over it to feel some fine grooves. It is as if the earth has consumed its imperfections, its sharp edges into itself. It is the act of love, the act of acceptance – interconnecting and shaping what is best for the stone and nature itself.

Love has been predominant in the last year of my life – many events have happened to extinguish it but in the end, it has made its way through filling my heart with gratitude and affection. The year, otherwise would have been a long list of misgivings and loss but love has saved me. It has kept me optimistic and hopeful in spite of the gruesome acts that have scarred our universe lately.

Nothing sculpts  us better than life and it is life that has manifested this piece of rock into a smooth, serene ornament. It is a message and it is a statue of what matters most to us if we still wish to hold the title of most evolved beings of this planet.

I examine the stone and my bare hands covering it – I look at the small hole in the yard where it has been. A feeling of love,empathy and interconnectedness overwhelms me. I draw in the lesson and place it back with its sculptor.

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