Daily prompt : Just a Dream

A nightmare tip-toes in my sleep and opens its wings – dark and wicked. I find myself running towards a tall cliff only to fall and find three doors in front of me. They are all the same – broken and famished of any touch in ages. I keep asking – which one, and my instincts whisper to open the first one and I do.

As the door opens, an ocean of strange light falls on me; an endless blue sky welcomes my presence. A full sphere of moon hangs in space and a soft sun burns filling the vastness with colors of unknown yet exquisite origin.  There is no one else as far as I can see, not even my reflection. I float in the perfumed air like an atom free from all bonds – marking and dissipating my orbits. My mind is all I have become without the contours of a body and limitations of the world, I once used to know. Existence is redefined – perhaps it is death of my body; my suffering and my pleasure. Perhaps, I am liberated, at last.

I realize – I chose the door of freedom.



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