A love letter

L-O-V-E. The harmless four letters that change lives, turn them upside down and make you wonder – what were you, where were you and who were you – before these letters imprinted themselves on your soul?

Sometimes at seventeen, sometimes at sixty – love manages to play us all and gosh, what a play it is – a time when time becomes meaningless; where space opens up to infinity and the word existence feels worthy of its essence! The delicious scent of words exchanged, the giddy thought that almost boils within or the magic of that one glance – leaves you breathless, loose and vulnerable – nothing matters before or after – the moment becomes a story in itself – shinning like a pendant in the necklace of time. Not too far or near but just within reach to crack your spirit, a heartbreak lurks behind – people come and go and life gets up and starts walking again but the memory of true love haunts whenever it finds a chance and you wonder – when did I arrive here?

Every story that I have read so far has been a story of love, one way or other, in all its glory and horrors. Love is such a drug – it takes only a moment to swallow, but an entire age to digest, to understand, to make sense of. And in that duration of life, that magic slowly fades away into something stable, regular and matter-of-fact and most of us ask – where did that spark go that brought me to you?

The confusion, the blindness, the wonder, the ache, the mayhem of thoughts and the mysterious question – does he/she love me? Rarely, you wonder – Am I in love? What is so inherent to you, becomes a matter of another and an expectation comes along to corrupt this alchemy and it keeps eroding it until all of its glitter is gone and all you are left with is an analysis of how not to get hurt again, held in quotes of hefty expectations.

Today, I do not wish to find out if he/she loves me; today I wish to know if I am still in love – if I still hear the flutter of my heart when I hear your name; or if my eyes go wide with happiness when I see you; or if I still feel beautiful not because you adore me because I love myself and I love you. And even if a heartbreak is lurking around, let it be – for now, let love be my companion, let it be my strength and happiness and let it be me.

Let me soar in this madness and say aloud – I love you.


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