Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Today, I take this opportunity to write things I have never said to you and perhaps, I never can. If I’d say I love you, you’d look at me as if I’d said the strangest thing. You’d say that there is no need to say that since our feelings are mutually understood. Words are necessary when our actions and silence fail to do the magic. So yes, these are my words for you because I am so far away that whenever we talk, we only discuss things and while riding the wave of my busy life, I sometimes feel, I should say it out loud – I wish I was next to you; I wish I was stroking your hair while you fell asleep. I wish I was taking care of you since you are all alone and unsettled after dad died – like you did when I was a baby, unsure of everything, making my way through life.

But I also know that you know in your heart, that in my silence and my concern of other things related to you, there is an underlying current of love and someday when we are separated by natural course of things, I will sit by your picture, silently weep and thank God for showing me a glimpse of Him in you.


– A part of you



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