Daily Prompt: Flawed

I am broken by flaws; I am held together by them. Wherever I look within me, I see a few lurking around. But, then that is who I am, if I had to pick up the one I wish to give up, it would be my quick temper. But, wait a second – it is this flaw that also makes me passionate, impulsive (another one!) and savoring-a-moment person. I am not calm in crisis and I am not calm otherwise. Is it that bad? No, it just adds drama to my life; it creates ripples in uneventful days and it does make me regret sometimes. However, that is all life is too – uneven, unfair and flawed.

So, yes, I am flawed as life is and I feel these flaws define me; they give me a goal everyday to be better – without them there will be nothing to achieve, nothing to go to and nothing to feel accomplished about.

Perfection is boring with no character to mystify or no thorns to be saved from. Let it be for angels – I wish to remain human.



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