It’s that time of the year again!!!!

Are you excited for the new year?  Many have asked that question and frankly, I don’t know how to answer it because I don’t see any specific bundle of excitement stuffed between two regular days, as far as my life is concerned.  Life and economy-willing, I will continue to work; I will not be writing any cheques or spending any money on first day of the year ( a superstition followed every year) and I will be cursing the cold. The rest will probably be usual with odd little chores such as getting used to writing 2013 instead of 2012 and calling everyone in the family – wishing happy new year followed by silly giggles.

Will it be a clean slate for me? No, the economy will not revive overnight, nor will my financial burdens. I will inherit my perceptions and age and bad habits of reading two books at the same time and procrastinating daily meditation. I will carry over my lazy attitude towards exercise and fitness and I will not make any resolutions. My kids will not suddenly grow into responsible human beings without giving me a good dose of patience and humility and I will continue to miss my father.

Does this mean I am not hopeful – of course not! I am hopeful every day, rain or shine. I consider each day as an opportunity to build upon, to correct, to laugh, to smile, to forgive and be alive. I am realistic enough to realize that  is all I need and not a clean beginning because our lives are summation of our actions and accountability; our painful past and expectant dreams. The past is as much a part of us as the future is – better or worse.

So while I get ready to embrace and welcome the new year as just another day, let me also keep everything close – these past years have bestowed on me.


Now the spotlight is on you :

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