Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

The outer, colorful shell of the year consisted of staying at home 24×7 – taking care of chores (after seventeen years of working) and endless writing exercises; spending two, glorious months in India and now blissfully employed again at hours of my choice. The inner constituents have been a fine transition of roles within the family; becoming a hospice volunteer – carefully observing the privileges of a healthy, younger life and spending a lot of time reflecting on who I am and what I should be.

The year was deterministic in many ways – it was the first time when I realized what is it that I truly want. I also realized the importance of a simple, hassle free life without any drama from television, Facebook or Twitter. I got rid of all of them. I learned to stop giving or taking recommendations for any book or a movie. In absence of these distractions, time became abundance and opportunities endless. Relatives died, newborns joined, marriages and divorces happened – the bittersweet taste remained throughout the year to ground my feet into reality at all times.

Whether 2012 will be an end to our race or not, it sure has been a remarkable beginning and discovery for me. Hoping it has been the same for you.


Now the spotlight is on you :

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