a day to learn from..

Its bright, clear and fascinating outside. The sky is perfumed blue with no clouds. Trees, though ripped off their leaves, are bathing in splendor of warmth and light. However, the scene of my lurking mind is different. I am divided, doubtful and unclear and hurting for some reason. I am remembering all that has gone wrong in past few months. It is a sulking feeling and not something I can own upon even though I know it’s strictly mine. Perhaps its my body acting up rather than my mind, just watching me struggle with my devious thoughts, deepest fears and some hidden insecurity. It is that moment, that very moment that I truly wish never arrived but I need to ride it, to let it go and take a few deep breaths.

I look outside. There are no regrets in nature, no matter how cruel and unfair it was yesterday or will be later; it truly resides in the moment – perhaps because it has no memory – nothing to corrupt it, invade it and remind it. It understands the volatility of being itself – constructive and destructive as a part of evolving, existing. Its signboard clearly says : This shall pass too. I hope so.


Now the spotlight is on you :

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