An inquiry into a regular day…

Today has started out to be another one in a long history of stable and uneventful but that is what we all inherently hope for, no? We work so hard for everything around us to stay safe and steady without mishaps and accidents. And somewhere along riding the flat line, we get bored and look for excitement. In course of finding excitement, we get ourselves in trouble and wonder why is it happening to us? So, the big question is – what do we want?

We want excitement and stability at the same time – in other words, actions with least culpability. It is human nature to seek freedom – first to stop exploitation and then to be free to exploit others. It is strange that being powered with so many qualities of our mind, we always choose the ones that bring out the worst in us. It has to be fear of some sort that makes us function the way we do. Is this fear also a part of wanting things and people to remain steady in our lives because any change might leave us vulnerable? Or are we actually afraid of everything remaining the same over the course of our lives until we become extinct? Do we feel hopeless because we are vulnerable or do we feel hopeless because we are afraid?

Perhaps, we do long for change; we do yearn for learning and we do strive for courage because that is who we truly are; but somewhere our basic instincts of survival,protection and hence competition take a fierce form to shadow our virtues and turn us into fearful, vengeful, manipulative entities. While fear is an important component in our daily lives, there is much more to us. The most important thing to conjure up is that we are animals by design but humans by choice.

So next time, when you are thinking to complain about your plain, ol’ life; bear in mind that the uneventful day is an outcome of stability and responsibility that you have worked for; and you have the power to change it anytime if you are willing to pay the cost.

Now the spotlight is on you :

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